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USLA HPS Camps Clinics and Lifesaving Sport Events
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We would like to thank everyone for their response to the USLA High Performance Squad (HPS) application process. We encourage all USLA members to get involved with local, regional and national Lifesaving Sport events to improve their lifesaving skills and fitness levels.


The United States Lifesaving Association National Team will be competing alongside national teams from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Japan (Open & Youth) on Aoshima Beach, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

The Sanyo Cup 2016 is more than a competition. It is about meeting fellow lifesavers, renewing friendship and exchanging ideas. Japan officials have chosen Aoshima Beach so international athletes will continue to spread the international lifesaving message to the local communities. The event at Aoshima was a big success last year!

The United States Lifesaving Association would like to extend their most sincere thanks to the Japan Lifesaving Association.

Thu. 30th June - Arrival to Miyazaki
Fri. 1st July - Training, General Briefing / Opening Ceremony / Welcome Reception
Sat. 2nd July - Competition Day 1
Sun. 3rd July - Competition Day 2 / Award Ceremony / Farewell Party

Competing Events (Events / Event order subject to change)*:
Individual Events
01 Surf Race (F) 2 competitors
02 Surf Race (M) 2 competitors
03 Board Race (F) 2 competitors
04 Board Race (M) 2 competitors
05 Surf Ski Race (F) 1 competitor
06 Surf Ski Race (M) 1 competitor
07 Oceanwoman 1 competitor
08 Oceanman 1 competitor
09 Beach Flags (F) 1 competitor
10 Beach Flags (M) 1 competitor
11 Beach Sprint (F) 1 competitor
12 Beach Sprint (M) 1 competitor
Team Events
13 Board Rescue (F) 1 team (2)
14 Board Rescue (M) 1 team (2)
15 Rescue Tube Rescue (F) 1 team (4)
16 Rescue Tube Rescue (M) 1 team (4)
17 Oceanwoman Relay 1 team (4)
18 Oceanman Relay 1 team (4)
19 Beach Relay (F) 1 team (4)
20 Beach Relay (M) 1 team (4)

*Same events will be conducted on the first day and the second day.

USLA National Team
The  Sanyo Bussan Lifesaving Cup team consists of 10 athletes; five male and five female, who will compete over two days of beach and ocean events. The Sanyo Cup Team was selected by National Team Manager Randy Eickhoff, National Team Coach Dr. Mike Barrows and Lifesaving Sport Chair, Ed Zebrowski. The Lifesaving Sport Chair has chosen Jay Butki to serve as Team Manager and Skip Prosser to serve as Team Coach for this event. Please follow: facebook.com/uslahighperformancesquad

The United States Lifesaving Association is pleased to announce the Lifeguard team for the competition and educational tour of Japan:

Tim Cabasino   Long Beach, NY
Ben Coffey   Santa Cruz, CA
Kevin Fink   LA County, CA
Christian Foti   Riis Park, NY
Shane Scoggins   LA County, CA
Julia Horan
  Smith Point, NY
Kelsey Kaub   Monterey Beach, NJ
Isabelle Pabon   Monmouth County, NJ
Shannon Snell   Pompano Beach, FL
Jenna Solberg   LA County, CA

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